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A tribute to Dr David Szafarz

David Szafarz died suddenly in early September 1988. He was Director of Research at the French National Center for Scientific Research (C.N.R.S.) and conducted his research at the Curie Institute in Orsay, as a member of the group working on Cell Growth and Carcinogenesis. Since 1978 he had been on the Editorial Board of Biology of the Cell. As an Editor his major interest very rapidly became the reading and correction of articles written in English by non English born authors. He carried out this work with great care and competence and was always ready to give helpful advice to any member of the office staff who needed it. He was extremely cultured, courteous, and was a much appreciated member of the Editorial Board.

Biology of the Cell

Biol Cell (1990) 68, 89-90 © Elsevier, Paris

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